Thank You, Goodbye

I am a pauper among the nobles
The retard among the geniuses
Their reach is for the global
While I can only hold the nooses

Pathetic, I am, lost and tired
If I could just hold my breath
Or have a rope in my neck wired
Drip the crimson until my death

Say goodbye to those who knew me
Not your fault, a crime of mine
This, an authority’s final decree
No need to look behind my “fine”

Your existence is something I loved
I was happy, I was living the moment
But all dreams must come to an end
Continuously stuck in this nightmare

Comforted by your arms when you hugged
A sudden feel of relief washed by your scent
Thank you for being someone I can depend
But this is something I can no longer bear

Thank you for believing when I can’t
Words may not overturn this situation
This warmth that only you can grant
Still, please forgive this rash decision

You’re my first hello and last farewell
I hope you find what you’re looking for
Waiting until the final ring of the bell
Until it has opened———Death’s door


impromptu notes & scatterbrained dolls

this is not a drill

nor any kind of will

a straightforward answer


academics will hinder

moreso irrelevant thoughts

of this unnamed “educator”


too many, too much

that’s a rather lot to do

will i ever sort it out


energy continuously drained

nature’s and mine’s

living in multiple facets


ahhh, i want to sleep

darkness awaiting tomorrow

leaves with this note


and a bunch more nonsense

just to keep at least this one

alive, i guess



Let It Go

Yanderes are red,
Tsunderes are you.
Come, choose quickly,
Forget it, I’m killing you.


!!! Warning !!!

What you are about to read or sing shows multiple mentions of love, kill, and blood. Unless you are queasy or uncomfortable with these things, I beg of you, PLEASE DON’T READ. I don’t want to be liable for any triggers—psychopathic, disgust, or vomit-inducing. This is a product of a sick mind, four years ago and still.

But if you’re tainted by the dark side, I welcome you. If this reminds you of Yandere Simulator, it reminds me too. Although, this piece was created before I even found out about YanSim.

Remember: I, myself, don’t tolerate unjust killings but this is an example how dark a human mind can be and this is just treading the shallow waters. Unless you don’t want or is not strong enough to go insane, plagued by nightmares or wonder about the unknown side of madness, don’t go there.

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. . . y o u s e e m e . . . ?

Do you see me watch over you?

Of course not, that’s too absurd to be true.
Too ridiculous and creepy enough if you knew.

Can you see me look at you?

Funny enough, I steal glances from time to time.
Though, my stares had lingered too long it’s a crime.

Will you see me observing you?

It’s nigh impossible our eyes wouldn’t meet, forcing me to retreat
But then, a master of secrecy, would not be forced a strategic defeat.

May I continue the broken glimpses?

After all, you were tantalizing enough to warrant longing gazes
You don’t know how much my heart races from the thrilling blazes

Shall I concoct a calming potion for you?

There’s nothing worrying in it, you can view the creation itself
Just some coup d’oiel as my handiwork caresses lips, yourself

Is my presence upsetting you?

Oh, don’t mind me, I’m just studying any signs or side effects
After all, I’m very much excited to examine and detect

Feeling fine, are you?

Your legs will weaken, hands will numb, your body will grow cold
A ghoul I’ve been called. Bon Appetit! I truly have scored a gold.


(n.) temporary passion: an intense but short-lived irrational passion for somebody or something

i love too much

until my heart

cannot take it

i fall too hard

need to clutch

here it starts

fire’s been lit

down my guard

be rational, i say

it’s an addiction

let it be, it’ll go

but i can’t wait

tricks my mind play

stuck an affliction

i want it but no

mend this state

infatuation, leave

confusing love, it is

red strings weave

make it stop, please

sOrR y guilty HURTS




Words hacking  this poor heart

I can’t tell you to stop

Because I’m afraid to destroy  the state of your art

Each single tear。。。

Each crimson drop  。。。

i’ m guilty

i’ m guilty

i’ m guilty

But don’t let my guilt  eat you

You have suffered way too much

A patchwork of my own, I will sew

Let me take your fear 。。。

Let me hold your touch  。。。

i’ M  sO rR y

i’ M  sO rR y

i’ M  sO rR y

For being powerless

For being useless

For being mindless

For being heartless